The Institute for 21st Century Relationships

Our Objectives and Programs

What is it we hope to achieve? In support of our Mission, our objectives are to:

Conduct, and support the conduct of, primary research into viable alternative ways to carry on intimate relationships, and into the development of a set of valid constructs for such relationships.

Sponsor seminars and symposia directed toward a professional audience (psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists, marriage & family counselors, clergy, sociologists, ethnographers, etc.) to disseminate the findings of this research and encourage discussion and further study by others.

Develop and deliver workshops and conferences for lay people on the practical application of various alternative approaches to intimate relationships.

Develop and publish periodical and non-periodical publications on these topics for both popular and professional audiences.

Carry on a public information program to de-stigmatize these viable alternative approaches to relationships, and encourage public tolerance and acceptance of all ethically sound options.

Serve as an available and trustworthy resource for educators, legislators, regulators, and opinion-leaders seeking better to understand these alternative approaches, their rationale and empirical underpinnings, and their benefits to individuals and society. 

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The Institute for 21st Century Relationships - The Foundation of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom