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The environmentalist adage, "Think Globally, Act Locally" also applies to efforts to support nontraditional relationships. While the Institute plans to maintain local presence through our workshop series to the extent possible, for day to day support we have decided to create alliances with local and regional organizations. These groups are well positioned to complement our work by assisting individuals in realizing their relationship ideals through local networks.

Neither they nor we expressly adopt all of the positions, philosophies, or policies of the other. We enter into these affiliations based solely on our recognition of our mutually supportive objectives. The Institute is not a federation of nontraditional relationship groups; rather we seek to provide a vehicle for communications, coordination, sharing, and recognition of common challenges and aspirations.

We also offer affiliate status to national/international organizations who share an interest in the work of the Institute, or who wish to support our education and research initiatives.  We offer Business Affiliate status to for-profit organizations whose customer/client base includes one or more of our constituencies and who wish to support our work.

The Institute reminds our constituents that it is always your responsibility to investigate and determine the fitness of any particular group for furthering your personal relationship objectives.

Affiliated Organizations

The International Lifestyle Association
The Anakosha Corporation
The Chesapeake Polyamory Network
The Sexuality-Spirituality Union Network

Business Affiliates

Leather Bob

London Escorts

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