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In-Print Books On Alternative Relationships

The following pages list a number of in-print books on a wide range of topics bearing on alternative relationships.  The large archive of out-of-print works, mostly from the 1970's and early 1980's, is a subject for the Institute Press to tackle, with a view toward getting reprint rights to once again make these valuable works widely available.  We will also be compiling and making available as comprehensive a bibliography for researchers as we can.

The staff of the Institute has not read all of the works listed here, and the listing of these works is not an endorsement by the Institute of their content, conclusions, or premises.  It is an effort on our part to help the interested visitor to this site quickly to find readily available and popularly accessible works that seem to be well-received and valuable to average readers, based on on-line reviews and, in some cases, the frequency with which they are mentioned in the alternative lifestyles world.  While we know it's not an exhaustive list, we've invested significant time in doing a fair bit of the primary research on what's currently available out there for you. Feel free to use the feedback form to suggest other in print and generally available works you've read and feel worthy of inclusion here.  

The descriptions of the titles listed come from various sources, including reviews, the authors themselves, publishers, booksellers, and the Institute staff (for those we've personally read).  They are by no means authoritative, but the best information readily available.  Feel free to check out reader reviews at for more first-person viewpoints.

The principal focus here is not on "how to" books, in the sense of books primarily describing techniques or practices particular to specific alternative lifestyles.  A swift search taking off from the references cited will allow the interested visitor to find such works if he/she is interested.  Rather, we are trying to expose the visitor to works that tell of the history, theory and/or rationales of alternative lifestyles; offer first person accounts; and/or are studies or popular treatments by academics or other credentialled persons.  

As will be swiftly seen, the overwhelming majority of the currently available work to date deals primarily with the Gay and Lesbian community.  Visitors interested in other alternative lifestyles would be wise to review this literature with a view to learning from the specifics of the Gay and Lesbian experience, and translating that experience into the world of their own choices.  We all have much in common.  Hopefully in time the other forms of alternative relationships will enjoy the same depth and breadth of scholarly and popular attention.

The Institute is now an Associate.  Therefore, if you click on the link provided for a title, you will be taken to their website.  If you make any purchase at through our website (but not if you go to by any other means, such as bookmarking a page and coming back later) the Institute will receive a small royalty payment from to help our work.  Your choosing to do so would be a great help to us, and we deeply appreciate it.



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